Top Turtle

Baby Turtle

Just got the stats from the turtle sanctuary team for November.  Over 42,000 baby turtles were released in November.  The Tortuga Feliz is running at 64% higher than last year and are either the number one or number two largest turtle sanctuary in all of Mexico.  With our support, they are now expanding to add more area and better facilities.  I have thought about setting up a non-profit and seeing if we can help drive donations from the US and other “wealthy” nations to support this all volunteer team, but as of now, we will do our best to support them directly.

Also, good news, Baltazar, the head of the team, reports that they have “tenemos un nido de la especie Laúd de 79 Huevos y otro de la especie negra con 110 Huevos” – Translating to: we have 70 eggs from the leatherback turtle (critically endangered) and 110 from the black (actually Green) turtle (also endangered).  How wonderful it is to be part of saving something so threatened.  See what team biologist Gerardo Ceballos has to say about this in a short video about > La Tortuga Feliz (see multimedia section of Playa Viva website).


8 thoughts on “Top Turtle”

    1. Katie, you are more than welcome to use the photo, but can you do me two favors. 1) please give credit for the photo to “Michel Lewis, Playa Viva” and 2) what is your project, please tell us more?

    1. Locally, these turtles are called “golfina”, they are sometimes referred to as green turtles yet we were informed that these are Olive Ridley sea turtles. For more on this turtle check out the listing in wikipidia. Let us know if you find any good listings of information.

  1. Hi, Im ally i love this turtle hes soooo cute! im only 10 and im begging my dad for a baby turtle. i went to camp and we were required to have a turtle so my dad found me one and i won 2nd place in the turtle races.But then we had to let all the turtles go and i almost started crying. ill never see speedy gonzales again.

    1. Ally, I’m sure Speedy is very happy improving his land speed record and working out to get faster and faster for his next race. Thank you for you post. David

  2. Very nice photo of a baby turtle. I just got home from a trip from Hawaii. My favoritte part was snorkling with large green turtles. There were at least 2 turtles. It was so cool watching them in their natural environment. I was very surprised how close they were to people.

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