To Your Health AND The Environment!

I was recently passed an article from the 2/25/08 issue of the NewYorker that articulated the complexities of going green. According to this article, our highest priority in making conscious-consumer purchase decisions is directed more by the protection of our personal health over the protection of environmental health. I’m reminded of what my good friend, Dr. Todd Pesek, says, “There is no human health without environmental health.” And, shouldn’t human health AND environmental health be the basis of our consumption criteria?

I am on a mission! Seriously. A real mission: NO MORE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES!  My husband and I are raising two teenage boys. Both are on H.S. Varsity XCounty, Soccer and Swim teams, along with competitive soccer teams. They consume a lot of water. I mean A LOT of water. Up until I was passed photos of the miles of plastic water bottles filling our land and oceans, I was a guilty consumer of plastic water bottles. I’d buy them by the caseloads. There was always a pack in the car. I mean, bottled water is healthier. Right? More convenient. Right? NOT!

The photos of miles of piles of plastic water bottles that are choking our earth and ocean wildlife hit me HARD. My husband and I quickly installed a reverse osmosis water system. Bought every shape and size of SIGG water bottles, (I’m a SIGG ‘ho, btw).  There hasn’t been a plastic water bottle around our house for months now. It’s a start.


(Now, if only I could convince the schools and competitive sports teams to stop with the plastic bottles!)


5 thoughts on “To Your Health AND The Environment!”

  1. FYI

    Sigg’s liner is made of a water based epoxy. One ingredient in epoxy is BPA. And if you read this Vom Saal interview, you’ll know that in order to properly test for leaching, you have to test on something with an endocrine system over a period of time because the leaching could be undetectable by tools, but detectable by and damaging to the endocrine system.

    Sigg will not disclose the ingredients of the liner, but they do test for BPA. Sigg and other supporters of Sigg do not subscribe to the claim that since Sigg tests for BPA, they must use it in the creation of the liner, an assumption we would allow for any yucky large corporate commercial product, but not Sigg, for some very very strange reason.

    Sigg claims they are testing for leaching BPA only to separate themselves from other water bottles out there and the controversy surrounding BPA, but the it doesn’t necessarily mean the bottle liner contains it. This is clearly a bunch of excrement.

    Why then isn’t Sigg testing for formaldehyde or cadmium? Why not parabens or say…e-coli? Where would this potential leaching be coming from if not the bottle? From? The sky?

    I know this is hard to take. Especially after purchasing one since they are an investment. I am sad for the retailers out there who bought 100 of them. They have a hard time wrapping their head around this I think for that very reason. I have $900 (wholesale) worth of wood toys in my storeroom that I can’t sell because I found out after the fact that they were finished with an oil that contains VOCS. Now, to our knowledge, VOCS only effect the person applying them. But this is very recent news and we’ve been using these toxic chemicals for a long time. I could just sell the toys and they would probably not harm anyone. But I take what I do very seriously, and being true to my ethics and principles means, I take the hit.

    But i am wondering, when discussing Sigg, why is it that no one (some retailers, many reporters and several bloggers) calls into question these three details:

    the liner is water based epoxy = BPA
    the liner is tested for leaching BPA = BPA
    they won’t tell you that BPA is NOT an ingredient in the liner = BPA

    Lastly, BPA is in every corner of our lives and only now are we being allowed to know how damaging it is and has been. PVC- same thing. Sigg uses FDA approval as if it means anything. I have one word for them: rBGH

    For more info on conversations with the president of Sigg and certain green retailers on this list, check:



    Amelia Royko Maurer
    Free Market Organics LLC
    342 S. Madison St.
    Evansville, WI

    ph: 608-332-5042
    fax: 608-882-0397

  2. Whoa, Amelia… you have done your homework! Thanks very much for sharing this perspective. The whole PVC thing creeps me out. I have to believe that reusing a single bottle over and over again is better than grabbing the plastic bottles. I wish we could come up with completely safe. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work in the green direction. Thanks again!

  3. SO what did we do for hydrating our school sport teams before the onslaught of personal sized bottled water? Let’s get back to basics.

  4. I agree, Maureen. We just purchased a USED giant water thermos. (You know, the big ‘Gatorade’ things you see on the sidelines?). When I presented it to the coach, he just laughed. What’s up with that?! Meanwhile, I take a bag to the games and pick up the used plastic bottles that clutter the field. I know I sound like some kind of ‘eco-goodie-two-shoes’. Really, it’s not that. It just bums me out how many clueless people there are out there. It’s really mind-blowing. They must live in the proverbial cave.

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