When Joanna Wins, We All Win!

Greetings Playa Viva-ites!Joanna Kelley Bound for Playa Viva!

We happily announce the winner of the first Playa Viva / Ocean Champions Win-A-Trip-To-Playa-Viva campaign. Congratulations Joanna Kelly of West Hollywood, CA!

Joanna, a devoted champion of ocean health, has given tirelessly on behalf of the oceans and its wildlife. She writes her Congressional Representatives, she donates time and money to ocean conservation, she even invites friends to join both the Playa Viva and Ocean Champions community. Now that’s what we call a true conservation champion!

Have fun, Joanna!

If any of you are feeling just a little jealous of Joanna — check out our campaign currently running with our pals at eConcious Market. Sign up, become a member at eConsiousMarket.com– (you’ll amazed at the cool stuff they’ve got), and qualify to win a trip!


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