China’s Greatest Export?


It does NOT take long for the pollution in China (and, there’s plenty of it), to travel to the SF Bay Area.

Check this out:

Talk about our global connectedness.

Make’s you wonder what we’re doing here to ‘somewhere over there‘… ?


3 thoughts on “China’s Greatest Export?”

  1. Globally, we are in dire need of a ‘Green’ movement…yesterday. This article, I fear, is a drop in the global warming and pollution bucket of what is still to come. I still cling to the hope that each individual can really make a difference because collectively is where we will one day see positive transformation. Having said that, the other day I read an article that stated no matter what course of action we take we cannot compensate enough to reverse the global deterioration. What about our kids and our kids’ kids and their generations? What about our natural resources? What will our blogs be about in 20 years? Are we going to be mired in pollution and living in deserts?

  2. I just watch Inconvenient Truth with my sons (10 and 13 years). What I really appreciated about the film is that is ended on a hopeful note. We can do something about this global crisis. That is a great message to give to our children – all is not lost, let’s use our collective wisdom and work on this together to make positive change.

  3. I like to think that every thing we do with conservation as the overarching intention, has got to be hopeful.

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