A Million US Baby Boomers in Mexico

This info from a press release fell into my in-box today:  US Baby Boomers have been increasingly looking to Mexico as a retirement home destination. As of 2007, over 400,000 Americans and Canadians have retired to Mexico. The Dallas Morning News reported that as many as a million U.S. citizens now live in Mexico at least part time, up fivefold from a decade ago.


One thought on “A Million US Baby Boomers in Mexico”

  1. My wife and I, “Restructured our lives” in a different way.

    Eight short years ago, when the dotcom bubble was bursting in and around us in Silicon Valley, California, my wife and I decided to do something different.

    We decided to shutter our business in Silicon Valley and check out of the rat race for a while and travel Mexico. We were your classic workaholic professional couple and had not had a 10 day vacation in more than 18 years!

    During our three month trip, we wound up buying a fabulous modern Mexican villa on the shores of Lake Chapala. There is a decent sized English speaking expat population in the village of Ajijic.

    We came home with the plan to sell our Los Gatos abode and get out of Dodge. Which we did.

    And at age 46, we packed up and moved to Mexico.

    We are sooo glad we did what we did and have not looked back.

    Happily Retired Boomer in Ajijic, Mexico,

    Casa Preciosa, Ajijic, Mexico

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