Metatepetl: Bringing the Archaeological Site at Playa Viva to Life!

Aztec terraced gardens uncovered at Playa Viva!Odin Ruz, our permaculture expert, has been working magic on the land at Playa Viva. Odin has been clearing the archaeological site, paying careful attention to only work the land for agricultural purposes (and to preserve any archaeological artifacts that becomes exposed). Since we purchased the land several years ago, we have had evidence that the Aztecs and possibly older civilizations had occupied this piece of land and used it extensively for farming, and also for religious purposes. Interestingly, there was evidence of terraced gardens, and the lagoon appeared to be man made. Well, with Odin’s careful hand, we have confirmed that in fact terraces on the land around the lagoon are perfectly level contours, indicating that this land was once farmed extensively, most likely by the Aztecs over 500 years ago. Metates, or ceramic bowls along with grinders are showing up as we clear the land: These instruments were traditionally used to grind corn into flour. Also the lagoons show distinct evidence of having been influenced by humans, probably anywhere from 500 to thousands of years ago! The land is coming alive! To read Odin’s full report, click here!


3 thoughts on “Metatepetl: Bringing the Archaeological Site at Playa Viva to Life!”

  1. Interesting report. The soil looks very loamy, with a hard crust on top. I wonder if there are there any plans to scarify sections and cover these with organic matter to make the topsoil more porous before the wet season. Also, does the permaculture plan include “old field succession” concepts or will it be planted with native trees as quickly as possible?

  2. The old field succession is happening naturally in many parts of the land and some others we are planting native plants and taking care of them for a two years before we let them be. The soil in Metatepetl looks loamy but it has not much of a organic matter since it would be wash by rain every year that is way we build the swales to stop erosion, extend humidity in the soil, hold the organic mate and recreate the terrace cultivation system and produce food like in the prehispanic times

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