Mixed Turtle Statistics in for Aug

One of the volunteers at La Tortuga Feliz, Turtle Sanctuary
One of the volunteers at La Tortuga Feliz, Turtle Sanctuary

The turtle stats for August for the Tortuga Feliz Turtle Sanctuary at Playa Viva are giving us mixed results.  We had an increase of over 20% in the number of turtles hatched in August 08 over 07, but the total number of eggs currently in the nursery is down by more than 50% from same time last year (from over 77K in Aug of 07 to less than 34K in Aug of 08).  We will have to get more information from the team in Juluchuca. Much of this may be due to having fewer resources (volunteers are down from last year).  Playa Viva is still committed to supporting the efforts of the Tortuga Feliz and we hope you can join us soon on the beach for a turtle release.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Turtle Statistics in for Aug”

  1. “Volunteers are down”–I would be interested if you could let me know when needed and
    requirements for volunteering. I have done some in Baja… Phil

  2. Phil, thanks for your interest in helping out. The village volunteers of La Tortuga Feliz, Turtle Sanctuary, do not have a formal volunteer program. Probably the best thing to do is to come down once we are open and spend time with the volunteer team lending your support. We open in April ’09 and the hieght of the turtle season conincides with the hieght of the rainy season, September. So the best time to come would be in September to lend a hand collecting eggs and placing them into the sanctuary. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your joining us.

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