Bush’s Last Stand

We all know that parting presidents often like to further their agendas surreptitiously on their final days. Well this has got to be the winner: The Environmental Protection Agency, under President Bush, is on the verge of approving a proposal that would allow coal-mining companies to dump mining waste directly into flowing streams, filling in the streams entirely and destroying all the life in them. Since 1983 the Stream Buffer Zone rule has prohibited mining within 100 feet of flowing streams, but now the Bush administration and the Office of Surface Mining are trying to push through an under-the-table, last-minute effort to remove this protection. If the EPA approves the repeal, it will be perfectly legal for coal companies to blow off the top of a mountain, then dump the waste straight into streams, killing the rare salamanders, fish, and other species that live in Appalachian waterways. EPA Administrator Johnson could make the decision at any moment, so time is critical. Please take a minute to tell the EPA not to approve the Stream Buffer Zone revision, and pass this alert along to as many of your friends as possible.
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2 thoughts on “Bush’s Last Stand”

  1. The Bush administration has done enough damage to our country. It is unthinkable that G W Bush might be allowed to harm the planet and our environement in his last remaining months in office. Our nation is trying very hard to heal itself from the last 8 years.

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