Bamboo Frames

one-bedroom casita bamboo frame finished
one-bedroom casita bamboo frame finished

Michel Lewis, architect for Playa Viva, sent this photo of the one-bedroom casita (suite). Photo was taken during his visit last week. The frame of the casitas is made of bamboo (highly renewable materials which have been planted at Playa Viva).  The palapero has just started to work on the thatched roof hut made from palm fronds harvested from plants within Playa Viva as well (again using highly renewable materials).  3-D AutoCAD image of 1-bedroom Casita at Playa VivaThis photo is taken from the tapanco, the second story above the kitchen in the common area.  The roof is also up on the common area and the pool is being poured.  Playa Viva is progressing at a rapid pace.  Below is the 3-D image from the original AutoCAD drawings superimposed over the photo above, showing what the Casita will begin to look like when completed. Missing are the surrounding vegetation and some other details.  We hope you will come visit us this season.


3 thoughts on “Bamboo Frames”

  1. Hi David,

    Many congratulations! It’s looking great. I love that you are making the roof frames with bambu. How about the good news about the Arqueological Zone protection centered at the site at La Chole! Does that extend to near you on the south side? Our hill of Guamilule is now protected. Que viva!

    mandando felicitaciones, Laura (de La Barra de Potosi)

    1. Laura,

      Thank you for your comments about the Bamboo construction. Please catch me up on the good news about La Chole and the protection of the hill of Guamilule. Do tell more.

      Thanks, David

  2. Hi David,

    Archeologists with the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) (Rodolfo Lobato Rodríguez) have made some important discoveries at La Chole including the largest ball court in MesoAmerica and several pyramids. One article says it may be a site as important as Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. It encompasses a 10k square area with the northern boundary being the Hill of Guamilule and to the south to el Cabritero y el Río Chiquito o Cerro de La Mira”.. In an article dated the 15th of Dec 08 there was an announcement of funding for the development and protection of the site. I understand the to be designated an archeological zone is good protection though I don’t know the details. Should be interesting and good!

    Be well and hasta pronto,

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