Mexico Tourism Department Report on A(H1N1)

VisitMexicoWe have been reticent to report on the most recent influenza virus A(H1N1) until time provided us with some perspective on the topic and allowed us to be more rational and less reactive. We now feel that enough time has past to put this “potential pandemic” into perspective, at least for this season.

 The influenza story is part of the story of place.  Mexico’s reaction to this threat has catapulted Mexico into the middle of the international media and has placed its public health system under the world heath infrastructure’s microscope. Did Mexico react appropriately to this potential pandemic threat?  What will be the repercussions of this event for Mexico over the short-term and long-term both economically and from the perspective of cultural evolution? All questions that will be answered over time.

However, the reason for this post is to share a recent update “For Travelers in Mexico” distributed by the Mexican Department of Tourism (English – Influenza Update paquete 5 May 12 ENG/Spanish – Influenza Update May Paquete 5 12 SPA).  The report is dated May 12 and claims that Mexico has the second largest reported “laboratory confirmed” cases of A(H1N1) influenza of any country with 2,059, second to the US with the largest number of reported and confirmed cases, 2,600.  The schools in Mexico opened officially on Monday, May 11.  Only 3 states in Mexico did not report cases of this flu. Also, no cases have been reported in the resort cities of Puerto Vallarta or Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

For more information, visit the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website specific for the A(H1N1) virus or for specific information about Mexico go to the Mexico-Update website managed by the Mexican Department of Tourism.


3 thoughts on “Mexico Tourism Department Report on A(H1N1)”

  1. visiting mexico(riviera maya) this july , with my kids, have soame questions hoping you could help us with our first trip to mexico. is it advisable to get a car rental , planning to visit some places, (excaret, sichen itza etc), heard from stories that its not safe to travel to mexico, because of some “drug wars” thats what my friends said. how true it is, especially travelling to those places that i mention…thanks for your time, … william ascura, NJ, USA

    1. William – My recommendation related to travel in Mexico is that it is safe especially if you take normal precautions. 1) try not to drive at night. 2) do not drive alone. 3) call to the location you are going to make sure they expect you and let them know what time you are leaving and arriving. 4) Have a cell phone that works so you can call for roadside assistance if needed. 5) don’t carry lots of cash. 6) stay on main roads when traveling long distances.

      The Mayan Riviera is well traveled and you should not have any problems if you follow these rules.

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