Great Food – Taste Better with a Smile

So what makes Playa Viva so special? Is it the food, is it the service, is it the beach or is it something deeper?

We recently had a couple come visit with us, they stayed a few nights in a luxury hotel in Ixtapa (I won’t name names).  They guests expressed their gratitude during their first meal at Playa Viva. Why? Because she was vegetarian and was so tired of pasta and cheeze dishes as her only options. She was having a hard time finding restaurants that would serve a decent vegetarian meal.  Here she was at her first meal at Playa Viva and the options for vegetarians were plentiful. Here you see “Taquitos de Papa” – potato  tacos – served with a smile one of many choices for our vegetarian guest.

The smile belongs to Gloria, who has been working with us since we opened. Her smile is contagious, you just look at her and she smiles and you can’t help but smiling back.  We have been lucky enough to get positive feedback from our guests about the food and the service.  Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor. Hope you will join us soon to enjoy the great local food and the contagious smile of our team.


2 thoughts on “Great Food – Taste Better with a Smile”

  1. wish i were there..i can hear the surf pounding, see the dogs running, feel the warmth in the air..and smell the aromas wafting from the kitchen

    happy thanksgiving to all at PV….

  2. esta muy bonita esa foto, soy hermana de gloria , grasias por espresase tan bonito de ella , y tan bien me gusta la playa.

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