“Push” to Open

Theresa_Zak-Season_4_Photo - 06.jpg
One week till Playa Viva officially opens for Season 6. Lots of improvements coming online including a new well, LED amber lighted paths to rooms, repairs to the bridge and upgrades to internet. Yes, Telmex finally installed telephone and Internet service to Juluchuca but we are still 1.7km, as the crow flies, away from the nearest Telmex connection. So we are building two communication towers, one in Juluchuca and one in Playa Viva. Then we add some point-to-point communications and hopefully we are good to go. We still recommend you make Playa Viva a blackhole vacation and store all electronics till you leave.

Every Season means a little more. A few improvements based on customer requests and a few improvements based and natures request (repairs due to rain, wind, salt air, etc.). The final result is a better Playa Viva for everyone. This year you will see an improvement to the gardens and chicken coop.

We are also working on a new edition of the Field Guide which will be out by the end of the year. A nice surprise is the Playa Viva Cookbook which is almost done as well. This is our first edition so we will definitely want your comments on how to improve it for the next edition.

What else should you expect
For Season 6? Well, we have more retreats, some great new hosts (as well as some of your favorites returning) and a few small changes here and there that you may it even notice. One other big change is that prices are going up starting October 9th so book your reservations for Season 6 now.


2 thoughts on ““Push” to Open”

  1. If we have already booked our Season 6 visit (which is later in this year) will we still have the current price or will it be increased??

    Also, have repairs been made to the road since last year?

    1. KLD. If you have already booked then you get the old prices. Anyone rebooking while at Playa Viva for next year keeps their old rate. As long as you keep coming back you keep the savings. That is one way loyal customers are rewarded.

      As for the road, we have done some repairs to the road from our main entrance to the hotel. Unfortunately, the road from the highway to our entrance belongs to our neighbor and we rely on him to make upgrades.

      Also we had some volunteers at Playa Viva over the summer work on berms and swales under the solar panels and by the garden so this is a starting point for more of this type of work from other volunteers.

      We look forward to your visit. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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