La Guitarra Viva – A Guest Giving Back and Finding a Deeper Connection

There are many ways to experience Playa Viva… You will get out of it what you put into it.  What aspects move you and how deep do you want to go?  There is so much opportunity, and so much need.  We have so much to give.  Here is a story of a guest inspired by a visit to the school children of Juluchuca, and giving back with her unique gifts.  Read more about the opportunities and needs of the school children of Juluchuca from Education Volunteer Ariel Arguedas Fernandez. 

Molly Stevens here. First, thank you for such a lovely place to sit, breathe and grow. We have been at Playa Viva since Monday and we love it. Everyone is so kind. Ashlee and I are forever grateful for this place.  I’m a musician out of Nashville TN and I went over to the local school to play some music for the kids and just wanted to share. It’s been the highlight of my time here. If there is ever a way I can continue to help all of you please let me know.



I wanted to leave my guitar here for all of you. I bought this on an excursion with Johnny the other day. I intentionally left my guitar back home to detach from work. But music is healing and inside me and all around me and I found myself searching for it yet again. This guitar over the past week here at Playa Viva has helped heal some broken pieces to my soul. It’s helped me navigate through feelings and emotions I didn’t even know I had.  It belongs here. With all of you. With the children in the schools. With nature. With other guests. With the staff. Continue creating beautiful melodies and memories and know that I’m forever grateful for this life changing experience. Be well. And thank you. Sending love and light to all of you.

-Molly Stevens

Inspiring school children and being inspired in Juluchuca


Thank you Molly, for sharing how Playa Viva, the place, the team and the community has touched you.  Your guitar will remain here as La Guitarra Viva and we all hope to see you back at Playa Viva soon!


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  1. Miranda W says:

    What a beautiful story, and how lovely that she left her guitar there for the children. They will be forever blessed for her kindness.

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