Pack for a Purpose When You Visit Playa Viva

Click to View Our Up To Date List of Needed Supplies and Pack For A Purpose on Your Vacation to Playa Viva!

On your next trip to Playa Viva, the unused space in your suitcase can make a BIG difference. 

We’ve teamed up with Pack for a Purpose to give our guests an easy way to deliver necessary supplies to our nearby communities.   These donations all directly support ongoing social impact programs,  with items such as gently used clothes, school supplies, sports equipment, or medical supplies.   Our list of needed supplies is always up to date on our Pack For a Purpose Page, ensuring your gift is not a one off thing – it supports a long term program and fills an identified need in our community.  Your empty suitcase space can make an impact long after you leave.  

If you would like to distribute the supplies you bring, we would love to arrange that for you! We always prefer to organize an activity as a way to allow guests to connect and engage with our community, rather than just handing out free supplies. This results in a more meaningful experience for everyone involved and you may find it to be one of the highlights of your stay – a true exchange of gifts and gratitude!

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A guest engages students in Juluchuca while distributing donations. Guests’ Pack For A Purpose donations support educational programs in 4 local schools.

These donations go a long way in supporting the communities that surround Juluchuca. As part of Playa Viva’s social impact work, we directly engage local youth in English classes, sports and environmental education.

School supplies go directly to students and classrooms in our four impact communities… Juluchuca, Rancho Nuevo, La Ceiba, and Las Placitas. These towns range in size from 500 people (Juluchuca) to just over 60 people (Las Placitas). The school supplies ensure that kids stay in school and have the resources to learn. Most of the supplies stay in the classroom for everyone to use, however, when we get particularly large donations, we can give out supplies for each child to take home. 

Ariel Arguedas is our lead educator on the project:

 “When I started teaching in the schools in Juluchuca, I saw how many kids didn’t have notebooks or pencils and how that affected their learning,’ he said. ‘With the support of a lot of guests from Playa Viva, we were able to change that.’

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Pack For A Purpose Has Helped Bring Uniforms to a Newly Formed Youth Soccer Team in JuluchucaWhile school supplies are the most frequent donation we receive at Playa Viva, we are also in need of medical supplies and new or used clothing and shoes. The medical supplies are donated to the health clinic in Juluchuca, the only one of our four impact communities with an operating health center. Clothes and shoes are given to the neediest families in town, who are always very grateful for the support. 

The donations that guests bring through Pack for a Purpose make a significant difference in helping us empower our local communities. We thank you for your generous donations and encourage our visitors to come into Juluchuca to see the community and create a cultural exchange experience that enriches all involved! 

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