109 World + Playa Viva = A Priceless Experience

A Retreat That Prizes Service as Well as Mindfulness.

This past December we were thrilled to welcome back 109 World to host a second retreat at Playa Viva and to continue their volunteer work with La Tortuga Viva.  109 World is dedicated to “Retreats that improve your happiness and fulfillment through caring for oneself and our planet”,  and we are happy that they found Playa Viva to be the perfect partner to realize their vision for purpose filled mindfulness retreats.

On their first trip last year they financed and helped build a new sanctuary structure, this year they came back with participants new and old to build a palapa for our environmental education work, and a tool shed to store materials for the sanctuary. Participants again worked alongside local volunteers and experienced the magic of morning turtle releases and the excitement of night patrols on the beach in search of nests to rescue.  That was in addition to their regular yoga and mindfulness practices. Thank you, 109 World for you continued support of La Tortuga Viva and for your vision on how to make both lasting memories and positive impact on all of your retreats!  


Colleen Fugate is the Social and Environmental Impact Manager at Playa Viva.  She lives in Juluchuca.  Learn more about her work engaging our local communities through our social impact programs.

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